Cost of commuting goes up

Berwick Upon Tweed railway station on the East Coast mainline
Berwick Upon Tweed railway station on the East Coast mainline

The cost of commuting by train from Berwick to Newcastle and Edinburgh has been slated by a local councillor.

Following the 3.1% new year price rise, a season ticket from Berwick to Newcastle costs £4,456 and a season ticket to Edinburgh is £3,976.

Councillor Georgina Hill, member for Berwick East on Northumberland County Council, says the government must act to put an end to the ‘great rail rip off’.

She said: “Berwick is situated pretty much at the half way point between Edinburgh and Newcastle and should be promoted much more as a commuter town.

“Residents and the town’s economy would clearly benefit from this but the rail companies provide barriers with the absence of later trains, a more frequent service to other non-major stations and the high price of train tickets which compare unfavourably with the rest of Europe.

“Every year rail commuters have to contend with inflation-busting price increases without seeing any real improvements to the services. The season ticket arrangements are little better than a complete sham. The pricing offers not much of a saving in reality and the main benefit is convenience.”

Trainline and LNER both promote the ability of season ticket holders to travel between home and their destination station as many times as they like. Councillor Hill said: “This is a complete joke - as if bosses are allowing workers to take some time out the office to travel back and forth a few times on the train to get the benefit of their season ticket!”