Concerns raised over state of road near Norham Bridge

Ladykirk Parish Church overlooks the banks of the River Tweed at Norham Bridge.
Ladykirk Parish Church overlooks the banks of the River Tweed at Norham Bridge.
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The poor state of the road on both sides of Norham bridge and the fact that large cracks had appeared in the wall adjoining the south east side of the bridge was reported at Norham Parish Council’s meeting.

Coun Dougie Watkin agreed to take appropriate action. He reported that Northumberland County Council is aware of the salt damage on the bridge parapets and would be dealing with this.

It was noted that the rotten posts on village green have been replaced and all posts had been painted. The work had been carried out by volunteers from Torness and some local volunteers all of whom who are to be thanked. After some discussion, the Council agreed to pay for the paint and materials required to complete the work and that Councillor Watkin would ask NCC Officers to inspect the work to ensure that it complied with current legislation.

It was noted with thanks that a local resident, who wished to remain anonymous, had given a donation of £200 towards the costs and that Fleming Farmers had provided the posts.

The fact that a large proportion of the work had been carried out would probably mean that an application for LEADER funding was no longer viable. Coun Wills was thanked for all his work in preparing an applications for funding.

It was agreed unanimously that future reports to the press would be written as bullet points only.

Planning applications can now only be seen on-line so it was agreed to send another letter to the county council asking that paper copies continue to be sent as not everyone has access to a computer and the Parish Council does not have the facilities to print these at an appropriate scale.

It was reported that the planning application for 33 Castle Street was still ongoing. The reapplication for the development at Mount Carmel had been approved.

A resident had asked if the council would object to her putting a plaque in memory of her mother, on the seat facing the war memorial.

It was agreed to ascertain if anyone had donated this seat before the request could be granted.

Pedwell fishing shiel has deteriorated seriously and is now dangerous, having huge cracks in the gable end. A letter will be sent to the agents for the owners informing them of the parish council’s concerns.

Coun Watkin informed the meeting that the proposed new bus shelter would be available after the beginning of the new financial year.

He also agreed to report the minor repairs required to the shelter at East Newbiggin to Northumberland County Council before it has to be taken over.

It was reported that 70 tractors had taken part in the successful tractor run last Saturday and that over £1,000 had been raised for charity.

It was noted that the footpath has been cleared from Birch Hill down to the village. David Foreman requested permission to remove two (self seeded) saplings from Cow Holme.

The chairman revealed he will not be standing for re-election for the council in 2013.

The annual meeting will take place on Monday, May 21.