Concerns over school exit

Westruther Primary School, Berwickshire.
Westruther Primary School, Berwickshire.

Gordon and Westruther Community Council are urging local councillors to help Westruther parents and children in their bid to have a barrier erected outside the new exit outside the village’s Primary School.

The new exit on the Flass Road does not have a barrier on the pavement which would prevent schoolchildren running directly on the road.

Commenting on the issue, Community Council Secretary, Elaine Morris said: “We have asked councillors to act before a child comes to harm.

“The old exit from the school does have a barrier and the Community Council does not understand why the school extension was built without attention being paid to this issue.

“There are periods when increasingly large agricultural vehicles come rattling down the road at speed.

“The erection of a barrier and some new road speed signs would help to ensure the safety of the children.

“We have been in touch with the Head Teacher who has also been contacted by the School Parent Council.

“Together, we hope that there will be a speedy resolution before someone is hurt.”