Concerns allayed over bus passes

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Old-style bus passes are in the process of being replaced, causing confusion for some passengers worried they may lose benefits.

Councillor John Greenwell has been investigating on behalf of concerned constituents and is now reassuring everyone that the age-related cards are set to continue and the new ones being issued will be bus passes for life.

The old cards will be redundant by January 2017, by which time people will have been issued with the age-related card for life.

“I have, in my capacity as the equalities and diversity champion at Scottish Borders Council, been approached by a number of people regarding the possibility of the removal of their bus passes later this year,” said Councillor Greenwell.

“I can fully understand people’s concerns that what they see as a quality of life service should be withdrawn.

“The bus pass enables those that have lost either their lifelong partner that did all the driving or for medical reasons have had the licence withdrawn to be able to still take an active part in activities taking place in the Borders and further afield.

“I can reassure residents that there are no plans to remove the age-related bus pass by either Scottish Borders Council or Transport Scotland.

“There will be an ongoing work to renew all bus passes over the next few months.”