Complaints about smell of manure at Chirnside

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Concerns have been raised at the smell of manure spread on fields outside Chirnside.

One resident said this week: “Over the last few days living in Chirnside is like living in an open sewer.

“The smell has been awful. I take it the farmers have been spreading some sort of manure on the fields. Now being a country boy all my life I am use to most smells but this is like raw sewage.

“I hung my washing out and when I took it in I could smell it.

“It had to be rewashed.

“Surely the farmers could put something on the manure to kill the smell. I remember some years ago the smell from the local factory caused complaints and they were made to reduce the smell.

“I have to say this smell is a lot worse in my opinion.”

Residents in Duns have also said they can make out the smell.