Community transport debate planned by MSP

JIM Hume, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for the South of Scotland and Transport Spokesperson, is hosting a parliamentary debate on community transport in the Borders on March 28.

He recently visited Tweed Wheels in the Borders to hear about the benefits of community transport in rural areas, and is calling on the Scottish Government to include community transport in the concessionary travel scheme.

Mr Hume said: “Projects like Tweed Wheels and Berwickshire Wheels provide immense benefits for its users.

“They play a vital role in meeting the needs of many communities but particularly rural and remote areas underserved by commercial bus routes.

“Community transport especially suits elderly or infirm people and not only do these initiatives help people get about but they also create important social networks and allow people the opportunity to get out of their home.

“It’s therefore simply unfair that the current concessionary bus pass scheme does not cover these core services and that older users in rural communities are compelled to pay a fare for community transport while their friends and families in large town and cities are well served by commercial bus routes which they do not have to pay for as they can use their concessionary travel pass.”