Community company for Lennel Kirk

Lennell Kirk
Lennell Kirk

A new company - Coldstream’s Heritage Ltd - has been set up to repair, conserve and interpret the medieval kirk at Lennel, near Coldstream.

The kirk was given emergency ‘first aid’ last year thanks to the help of the Coldstream Community Trust, and now three members of Coldstream History Society, who set up Coldstream’s Heritage Ltd are applying for grant funding of up to £100,000 to carry out repairs and reverse 200 years of dilapidation and neglect.

“We have lost our famous Priory and don’t want to lose our Medieval kirk,” they say.

The project would: conserve the gables walls; conserve the headstones of eminent people; carry out archaeology surveys to confirm or deny that there are Anglo-Saxon stones buried in the kirk; fully research the role of the kirk, it’s place in the society of abbeys, kirks, priories and in the body-snatching era; and upgrade volunteering skills and pride in the local heritage.