Commons walk-out ‘staged’

Borders MP John Lamont in Westminster.
Borders MP John Lamont in Westminster.

Borders MP John Lamont was scathing about the walk-out by SNP MPs at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

He said: “The consequence of this stunt was that five SNP MPs were unable to ask a question at Prime Minister’s Questions and the leader of the SNP lost his opportunity to call for a debate on the very issue he claims to be ‘outraged’ about.

“Sitting in the Chamber, it was obvious to me that this walk out was pre-planned, designed purely to get the SNP a bit of time in front of the cameras.

“By storming out, nationalist MPs have simply shown they are all about manufacturing the latest grievance. All they have done is put their party first and their constituents second.”

The protest was prompted by the Speaker John Bercow ordering the SNP leader in the Commons, Ian Blackford, out of the chamber for the rest of the day after he refused to sit down when ordered to so having asked for the Commons to sit in private.

Mr Blackford was angry at what the SNP describe as a “power grab” in the EU Withdrawal Bill- particularly concerns being about farming and fishing - and the lack of time given to the issue during Tuesday’s discussion of the Bill.

Scottish Labour MPs were also disappointed at the lack of time Scottish MPs were given to express their concerns about devolved issues during Tuesday’s debate.