Commitment from Torness operators

torness nuclear power station operators EDF have made their submission to the independent investigation into how the failure of the Fukshima nuclear power station following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan impact on the UK nuclear industry.

Dr Mike Weightman, HM Chief Inspector of Nuclear Installations, has been commissioned by the UK Government to look at what happened and what lessons can be learnt from events in Japan.

In a letter to Mr Weightman, EDF’s energy chief executive Vincent de Rivaz said: “I can assure you that we are determined to support this requirement and are totally committed to taking an active role in the lessons learnt exercise you have been asked to undertake.

“We belive that your interim and final reports will play an important role in maintaining trust in the high standards of safety to which we in the nuclear industry adhere. I applaud your stated intent to conduct this process in an open and transparent manner.

“We also support your intent to ensure that the report is consistent with the global approach to this event to ensure that safety will get the broadest review and reassure the public about safe future operation.

“The events at Fukushima will have an impact on the way the nuclear industry operates in years to come.

“EDF Energy is determined to learn all the lessons from this event in Japan.”

Following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami EDG Energy has completed a number of immediate check of back-up facilities, organised refresher training for employees and reviewed their emergency plans.