Collapsed pipe causes flood

Road flooding between Cornhill and Coldstream
Road flooding between Cornhill and Coldstream

Council workmen have not yet been able to solve a flooding problem on the A698 near Cornhill.

A section of the road between the village and the Scottish border has been submerged under several inches of water since heavy rain on Monday.

The problem still showed no sign of dispersing on Tuesday despite an improvement in the weather.

The worst affected area has been coned off with motorists reduced to single file under traffic control as they try to navigate the easiest path through.

However, concerns have been raised about the disintegrating road surface and the potential pothole damage to vehicles.

A spokesman for Northumberland County Council said: “This is being caused by a collapsed pipe, which is reducing run off from the road.

“It is necessary to leave the traffic lights there and continue pumping away excess water, until we have located and repaired the section of pipe.”

Staff at Cornhill Village Shop said it had been the main talking point for customers.

“It’s an area that often floods in heavy rain but there’s been nothing as bad as this before,” said a member of staff.

“It’s an inconvenience more than anything but a few people have been worried about holes in the road about the damage it might be doing to their cars.

“They’ve had traffic lights working the last couple of days and the council has been there so hopefully they’ll solve the problem.”

Drivers are being advised to take extra care as they drive through standing water.