Coldstream week will be remembered for sheer fun

Coldstream Pipe Band "Beat the Retreat" at closing ceremony at Henderson Park
Coldstream Pipe Band "Beat the Retreat" at closing ceremony at Henderson Park

If you had to choose one word to describe Coldstream’s Civic Week this year it would have to be ‘fun’ thanks to the town’s three principals.

Coldstreamer Colin Leifer, Right Hand Man James Balmbro and Left Hand Man Grant Campbell have demonstrated not only how to lead Coldstream’s annual festival week but have also been a shining example of how to represent their town at other common riding and festival events across the Borders. All three have given 100% to the role and while always in the middle of the fun and nonsense that goes on they have also shown the maturity required to be respectful when required.

From the moment he was sashed and presented with the town’s new burgh standard in Henderson Park on the Sunday, Colin was the proudest man in Coldstream and admitting that it was the moment he had been waiting for.

Throughout the busy week of ride-outs, sports, competitions, bingo, tea dances, cycle races, fancy dress etc Coldstream folk were there in their droves, and apart from a last minute decision to change the torchlight procession and fireworks from the Friday night to the Saturday night because of the torrential rain, everything went to plan.

As always the Flodden ride-out was the highlight of the week - 360 horses following Colin to Flodden Field - and there was a huge crowd on Branxton Hill to see him lead the gallop up to the site where the annual oration and commemoration to the dead of both nations at the Battle of Flodden takes place.

When it came to the close of the town’s festival week the crowd returned to Henderson Park on the Saturday for the emotional closing ceremony, when the Coldstreamer hands back to the burgh sash and standard and the Left Hand Man, this year Grant Campbell, carries out his final official duty as a principal.

As part of the closing ceremony Coldstream Pipe Band traditionally perform a number of tunes and beat the retreat, reinforcing the major role they play in every major event in the town. Pipe band members have been on duty almost every day of the week, leading the ride-outs, escorting the riders back into the town, playing at the official ceremonies in Henderson Park and leading the torchlight and without doubt Civic Week would not be the same without them and the huge contribution they make to every event.

The celebrations may be over but for Colin, Grant and James, and many others in the town the memories will last a lifetime.


Junior Football - Chappers Chaps; Dub Dash - ‘surprise’ winner was Jimmy Hope, and ladies winner was Sally Campbell (again a ‘surprise’); quoits - singles winner was Ian Currie and pairs winners were Ian Currie and Allan Robertson.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic winner was Macy Lunn and Bruno; lucky programme number 318; hat competition (age 6 and under) - Take a Moment to Remember, (age 7-10) - Horse Head.

Pet show: 6 and under - Keiran Cutler with Tia the dog; 7-10 years - Abbie Romanis with Mandy the Dog; and 11-14 years - Megan Ford with Ozzy the dog. Overall winner was Abbie Romanis and Mandy.

Childrens sports

Races 3 years and under, mixed - Caleb Ford; 4 years, mixed - Tyler Lindsey; 5 years girls - Phoebe Hermiston; 5 years boys - Max Ford; 6 years, girls - Connie Borthwick; 6 years, boys - Zak Bruce; 7 years, girls - Bella Davidson; 7 years, boys - Ross Bryce; 8 years, girls - Jenna Bruce; 8 years, boys - Sam Wood; 9 years, girls - Jude Turner; 9 years, boys - Rory Davidson; 10 years, girls - Alex Rutherford; 10 years, boys - Archie Fuller; 11-12 years, girls - Alana Jo McCallum; 11-12 years, boys - Harry Fuller; 13-14 years, girls - Rosie Browne; 13-14 years, boys - Thomas Hiscox.

Sack Race, 5 years, girls - Taylor Greer; 5 years, boys - Rian Leifer; 6 years, girls - Connie Borthwick; 6 years, boys - Zak Bruce; 7 years, girls - Bella Davidson; 7 years, boys - Callum Taylor; 8 years, girls - Molly Softly; 8 years, boys - Sam Wood; 9 years, girls - Olivia McCallum; 9 years, boys - Rory Davidson.

Relay race (teams of three), girls, 10-11 years - Laurie Blacklock, Isla Sanderson, Chloe; 10-11 years, boys - Archie Fuller, Duncan Smith, Ollie Inkson; 12-13 years, boys - Thomas Hiscox, Alex Ledgerwood, Callum Chamberlain.

Skipping, 5-6 years, girls - Taylor Blair; 5-6 years, boys - Zak Bruce; 7-8 years, girls - Jenna Bruce.

Hopping, 4 years and under, girls - Elissia North; 4 years and under, boys - Ollie Young.

Wheelbarrow race, 9-10 years, girls - Laurie Blacklock, Isla Sanderson; 9-10 years, boys - Archie Fuller, Ollie Inkson; 11-12 years, boys - Harry Fuller, Oliver Votier.

Mum’s running race - Christine Brand; Dad’s running race - Greg North.

Junior Dub Dash, 12 years and under, girls - Eilidh; 12 years and under, boys - Harry Fuller.

Coldstreamers’ race - Keggie! Musical chairs - Jack Phoenix.

Fancy Dress: under 5s groups, best dressed - Wizard of Oz, most original - Postman Pat and Jess; under 5s individual, best dressed - World’s Strongest Wee Man, most original - Scottish Lobster; 6-11 years individuals, best dressed - Lest We Forget, most original - Presenting Coldstream, papergirl; 6-11 years groups, best dressed - Facebook and Twitter, most original - Mr Men; 12-16 years groups, best dressed - Frozen, most original - Irn Bru and Clyde; adults, best dressed - War Horse, most original - War Horse; floats, best dressed - In a State Circus, most original - In a State Circus; family groups, best dressed - Addams Family, most original - Peter Pan.