Coldstream unhappy with police reports

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Police Scotland’s changes to the way it provides local information to community councils have been described as a 
retrograde step.

Coldstream & District Community Council was one of the first community councils to receive the new style reports, and their conclusion was that it was “a huge step back”.

Instead of reporting incidents the police have dealt with in the town during that month, the new reports give an overview of policing in Mid Berwickshire, set against the police’s ‘key targets’ of: community safety; tackling substance misuse; making our roads safer; protecting people.

Coldstream community police officer Rachel Stevenson reported to the community council: “We no longer provide a breakdown of calls based on your specific area.

“The information provided is based on the whole of Mid Berwickshire, so figures provided will not necessarily be related to your community council area. In order for us to provide you with the most accurate 
figures and information, this 
information will be provided a few weeks behind.

Few figures are actually included. The report on tackling substance misuse states: 
“Local officers continue to work with the licensed trade by visiting premises during the late weekend hours, preventing drunkenness and disorder.

“There have been no recorded incidents of street drinking in Mid Berwickshire during October.”

Presenting the new report, PC Stevenson added: “Please feel free to provide feedback.”

Coldstream chairman Martin Brims said: “ What concerns me is it’s so bland.

“Its a retrograde step.

“If this is an indication of the type of service we can 
expect from Police Scotland then I worry.

“We have seen a decline in police attending our meetings, and we have the prospect of the removal of counter services at the police station based on a flawed process.”