Coldstream to London walkers arrive at St Pauls

Harry Bucknall and Jock Davis at the Guards Stone , Coldstream.
Harry Bucknall and Jock Davis at the Guards Stone , Coldstream.

Ex-Coldstream Guards Harry Bucknall and Jock Davis arrived at St Pauls Cathedral in London in time for carols on the steps, 16 days after setting out from Coldstream.

Walking in the footsteps of General Monck and his men who marched from Coldstream to London to restore Charles II to the throne, Harry and Jock are fundraising for the Walking with the Wounded charity’s Walking Home for Christmas appeal.

Speaking as they neared the end of their journey, Harry said: “I will not hide that, after 320 miles to date, frankly, I could do with an oil change. If anyone asks you to walk to London from Scotland, my advice is take the car!

They spent a day walking with Edward Parker who founded Walking With the Wounded and Harry said: “Toward the end of the afternoon he was informed that one of the veterans, combatting appalling mental strife, whom the charity is supporting had just been evicted from a hostel in Weymouth; out on the streets once again.”

“We cannot let things like this happen. It is only right we look after those who guarantee our freedom, our right to enjoy Christmas, Eid and Diwali in peace.

“Please help us reach £20,000 by donating at