Coldstream’s new industrial estate hit by another setback

Land north of Lennel Mount where work has stopped on the Coldstream industrial/business park.
Land north of Lennel Mount where work has stopped on the Coldstream industrial/business park.

The water supply to the new industrial business park in Coldstream is the latest hitch to hold up its development.

Work has come to a halt while a Water Impact Assessment is made, a Scottish Water spokesman explaining: “A Water Impact Assessment is necessary to confirm that demand can be sufficiently met as a result of the new development connecting to the proposed connection point.”

But Scottish Borders Council insists the problem is well on the way to being solved and work can resume in the autumn and be completed by the end of the year.

Councillor John Greenwell said: “I know of one local business who is desperate to move up there, but I’m led to believe there is no water supply to that area which has brought things to a halt.”

In 2011 the council identified a seven-hectare site on land north of Lennel Mount as suitable for development and it was added to the region’s local plan at the eleventh hour, upsetting many residents of Lennel Mount who opposed the new industrial park. The council then had to go through a compulsory order process to acquire the land from Lennel Estates who were reluctant to sell and could not agree with the council about which area of the site to develop first.

A 1.4 hectare section of the site is currently being developed and a spokesperson from Scottish Borders Council said: “A new industrial area with six plots is being built at Lennel Mount in Coldstream with funding from SBC and the European Regional Development Fund.

“Work at Coldstream has been delayed due to Scottish Water requirements and mainly the need for a Water Impact Assessment. This work has now been completed, and construction should resume in the autumn to allow completion of the site before the end of the year.

“Water Impact Assessments (WIA) are not required in all developments, and Scottish Water did not request a WIA in reponse to our intitial ‘Development Imapct Assessment’ submission for the Coldstream development. Following the submission of our water main design for approval, Scottish Water felt that the pressure in the network at the connection point may not be sufficient, and requested a WIA.”