Coldstream’s energy switch scheme starts to heat up

A chance to reduce your fuel bills
A chance to reduce your fuel bills

An invitation to join the Coldstream community energy switch scheme is being extended to householders everywhere - a Coldstream address is not needed.

With the possibility of saving around £200 a year on gas and electricity bills (for around 60% of those who sign up), the Coldstream Community Centre scheme will be open for registration on Tuesday, August 4.

Households not only get the opportunity to see if they can reduce their energy bills but they could also be raising money for the local community centre at the same time. Coldstream Community Trust, which runs the community centre, has joined NEPO (North-East Procurement Organisation) and for every household dual fuel switch (gas and electricity) Coldstream Community Trust will receive £11. For an individual switch - gas or electricity - the income is £5.50.

Flyers are being distributed around the Coldstream area explaining how the switch works but anyone can join in - Cornhill, Duns, Leitholm, Bournemouth or Bristol, as long as it is in the UK.

All registrations for switches will be gathered in by the middle of September, merged with other registrations in the UK and then taken to an auction of energy suppliers.

Register on the community website www.Coldstream.Co,under ‘Energy Switch’, or for those unfamiliar with computers contact 01890-883332 for help with the process.