Coldstream dogs under attack from cowardly poisoner

Poisoned bait in Coldstream
Poisoned bait in Coldstream

Coldstream dog owners are on high alert after two animals were taken ill this week after eating poisoned food deliberately put down on the town’s pavements.

The year old black Labrador belonging to Fiona Smith was the first to fall victim to the food, laced with what is suspected as being rat poison. Fiona and her children were taking the dog down the Bluebell Steps to the Tweed Green when he picked up the poisoned titbit.

“I knew exactly what it was and the local vet came along and treated him 15 minutes after the dog ate the food,” said Fiona.

“They looked like spongy tubes and the reason I knew that they were poisoned was that they had been placed around an old dog faeces. I tried to get it out of his mouth because someone had told me they thought they had seen something similar up Nursery Lane a few days before.

“I understand why people get frustrated when some owners don’t pick up after their dogs but it doesn’t justify doing this.

“The police have been and taken away the remaining bait.”

Fiona is concerned there may be more around and an alert has gone out to local dog owners to be vigilant as it is believed similar poisoned titbits have been left along other popular dog walking routes.

Police Scotland say they will be speaking to the vet who treated Fiona’s dog and a spokesperson said:“Police are investigating following reports of a dog having consumed poison on July 7, in Coldstream and a further incident on June 16, when a dog walker found similar food. Enquiries are ongoing and anyone with information or who suspects that poisoned dog food has been left is asked to contact the police on 101.”