Coldingham pupils make a wheel impression at Eco Day

On the 28th August, Eyemouth High School held an Eco Action Day for all of the catchment primaries.
On the 28th August, Eyemouth High School held an Eco Action Day for all of the catchment primaries.
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LAST month, Eyemouth High School held an Eco Action Day for all of the catchment primaries.

The aims of the day were: to connect with other schools; to assist in the transition between primary and secondary and to make all students more aware of the environment we live in.

Each primary school had a whole day to create a product that protects/sustains the environment and present their idea to a panel of judges in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style.

Cockburnspath Primary created 5 types of recycling bins made of recycled plastic bottles, paper, compost, general waste & batteries. They were inspired to create this idea because the bins at their school are boring and they would like to brighten up the playground and the community can use it too.

Eyemouth Primary created the idea of solar powered cars and eco lampposts. “They work when something passes by the sensor in the night,” a team member explained.

“The lamp will light up six energy saving light bulbs. It saves energy because it stores it from the sun. It also saves energy because the lights are only used when needed.”

Reston created an eco car and Ayton created a generator for the home. All schools created fantastic products but the winning product came from Coldingham Primary.

The winning idea was a tyre playground made from waste tyres from the car/tractor industry and the team won a £200 cheque for their school as their prize.

Visit to find out more about the Eco Committee who have plenty to be proud of themselves after recently being awarded a coveted green flag.

The High School was awarded the flag after a recent inspection, showing that they had met the seven key criteria of the Eco-Schools Programme required to obtain green flag status.

The programme encourages pupils to learn more about the environment they live in, and take steps towards being more eco-friendly. John Lamont has lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament, congratulating Eyemouth on their success.

He said: “I was delighted to be a part of the ceremony to raise the green flag at Eyemouth High School. I know that they have been working towards this for several years and that this is the culmination of a lot of hard work and effort.

“The Eco-Schools Programmes is a fantastic project that raises pupils’ awareness about the environment they are living in, and how they can improve it. Learning to be greener is becoming more and more important in this day and age and Eyemouth High School is setting the standard.

“The pupils on the committee should be congratulated for their efforts to make this happen. It was a proud day to see the flag hoisted above the school.”