Coldingham pupils enjoy Science Week

SBBN-02-04-15 Coldingham Primary Science Week
SBBN-02-04-15 Coldingham Primary Science Week

Coldingham Primary School pupils have enjoyed an action packed week of Science activities to celebrate British Science Week.

The P5,6,7 class enjoyed a tour around the Solar System and beyond with Generation Science facilitators and a stargazing planetarium. The children learned about the planets and our neighbouring galaxies. They also learned about how a Mars base might be established.

The whole school then took part in activities on Thursday, involving lots of fun experiments.

More than twenty different experiments were set up and demonstrated by staff at the school to help the children to investigate many scientific principles.

“Science is so much fun,” said one pupil. “We made a goo which was a solid and a liquid”

“I stuck a pencil straight through a bag of water, it was amazing that the water did not come out” remarked another.

The ‘I am the Walrus’ experiment where the children had to find out about the effects of lard in keeping their fingers warm was a favourite activity.

Friday saw everyone enjoy the solar eclipse with super views on a clear, bright day in Coldingham.

Following this classes P4-7 participated in a Geophysical survey at Coldingham Priory with Duncan Hale, Senior Archaeologist from Durham University, which has been used to map the archaeological structures under the ground in the Glebe Field.