Coldingham lifeguard jobs

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Recruitment has opened for lifguard jobs at Coldingham Bay during the summer months.

The RNLI, in partnership with Scottish Borders and the Fife Coast Countryside Trust, provides a lifeguard service on Coldingham Bay beach and six Fife beaches.

A week long training course ending in a nationally recognised qualification will be provided free of charge to candidates who show the potential to patrol Scotland’s busiest beaches this summer.

Lifeguards can earn upwards of £7.85 per hour; minimum entry age is 16.

The RNLI is running a lifeguard course from April 4-8 in Glenrothes to give people with the potential, but not necessarily the qualifications, a chance to train up to become the lifeguards of the future. For those who pass the fitness tests the course will be free of charge.

RNLI fitness standards: 200m pool swim in under 3.5 minutes; 400m pool swim in under 7.5 minutes; 25m pool swim underwater and 25m surface swim consecutively in under 50 seconds; 200m beach run, under 40 seconds.

Lifeguarding is mostly preventative, offering beachgoers helpful advice including tide times and any potential hazards to avoid, ensuring everybody has a safe and enjoyable day at the beach.

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