Coldingham fiction author takes spot in world’s top 100

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Coldingham writer Peter Taylor’s novel ‘The Knock’ has made it into the finals of a worldwide competition to find the next big blockbuster.

Peter entered the novel into the World’s Best Story competition in May this year and he heard last week that judges and readers had put it in the top 100.

The six-month-long contest aims to find a manuscript that has the potential to be a smash hit in books and beyond – from movies, to video games, graphic novels, and merchandise.

Now ‘The Knock’ will go head to head with novels by authors from USA, Britain, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Canada this month and the winner will be unveiled at Canada’s Toronto International Book Fair in November.

“This is a worldwide competition promoted throughout writers’ organisations and communities and I have little doubt that interest in it will have been huge,” said Peter.

“To make it in to the last 100 feels like an achievement in itself and makes it much more interesting than a line on the lottery.

“I can’t wait to see where my book ends up overall.”

The winner of the World’s Best Story will be given an author contract worth 25,000 dollars to publish and sell the winning book to top grossing retailers in the USA and Canada and a fully sponsored book tour with public relations and marketing support, also in North America.

Peter worked as a news reporter for regional newspapers in the north of England and drew on this experience when writing ‘The Knock’.

He always wanted to write fiction but life was just too busy - as a journalist, father and husband. Now he has more time to spend on novels, in between writing travel pieces and a travel blog, and has plans for more on the horizon.

“The Knock is set on the streets of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and other locations in the north east of England and follows the exploits of tabloid reporters competing for stories on a fictional newspaper,” explained Peter.

In it the very best and worst of small time journalists with big time ambitions comes out - double standards, dirty tricks and binge drinking to name just a few of the worst traits.

Peter takes the sort of situations news reporters face on a daily basis and the sort of people they are, and can become, when dealing with these situations and lets his imagination do the rest.

The book can be found on the Amazon and Barnes & Nobles websites.