Coldingham dip aids disadvantaged kids

Nathan Burns will be braving the water at Coldingham Bay on New Years Day
Nathan Burns will be braving the water at Coldingham Bay on New Years Day

When Santa Claus makes his rounds of Berwickshire, he had better remember a “really warm towel “ for one boy who plans to put it to good use.

The young boy in question is Nathan Burns, of Duns, who will be braving the chilly waters of the North Sea for charity - he hopes with something from Santa to wrap up warm in afterwards!

Nathan, along with some of his school friends and family, will be taking part in the traditional New Year’s Day dip at Coldingham.

Nathan, aged 7, will be taking the New Year’s challenge to help raise money and awareness for Radio Borders’ Cash for Kids, a charity which is running Mission Christmas.

With one in three children in the area living in poverty, people are being asked to buy an extra present that could make a disadvantaged child’s Christmas extra special.

And Nathan’s gran, Jane Williams, said that she and a special guest would be on the beach to welcome Nathan out of the water.

“I’m working Old Year’s Night and New Year’s Night, but I’ll be there with a towel ready for him when he comes out.

“I’ll have my dog, Harvey, with me, who usually loves the water, so he might go in with Nathan.

“It was so sweet of him to want to do this, it all started with him just wanting to do something for,what he said, ‘kids who don’t have so much at Christmas’.”

Nathan says that he plans to try and stay in for a minute, “but it’ll be ten seconds, probably,” and that a warm towel will be top of Christmas list.

Meanwhile his older sister, Morgan, said that she will literally be taking a ‘dip’: “I’ll put my head under and then that’s it, done!”

Also taking the plunge will be the man who first inspired Nathan to try the dip: his uncle, Stephen Williams.

Nathan’s mum, Terri Renton, said that the idea was planted in her son’s head by seeing Stephen do the dip three years ago.

“He just never gave us a moment’s peace, after that, really, for three years,” she said.

“I’m so proud of him for doing this.”

For more information on Radio Borders, Cash For Kids and Mission Christmas, you can visit Donations can be made online, in person or over the phone.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Morgan continue to debate how exactly they will do their dip.

Nathan favours wearing just his trunks,while Morgan, who is curious to see how far in the tide will be on January 1, thinks she might experiment with swimming shoes. But they both agree on a hot chocolate, beachside, to warm up afterwards.