Cockburnspath powerless to stop the turbines

Wind turbine
Wind turbine

An appeal is being considered against the Court of Session decision that Scottish Borders Council acted correctly in allowing two wind turbines to be built near Cockburnspath.

Local resident Sally Carroll’s appeal against SBC’s decision was rejected by judge Lord Armstrong, who concluded that the council followed correct planning procedures.

Cockburnspath Conservation Group have issued a statement expressing their disappointment at the judge’s decision, adding: “Mrs Carroll continues to liaise with her legal team and an appeal is being considered.

“If the public is to have any confidence in local review body decisions, they need to be thorough, open, transparent, and properly recorded and reasoned, given the wide powers and discretion exercised by these bodies. Unfortunately this latest decision fails to reinforce the need for such transparent processes which are features of every other appeal system.

“Scottish Borders Council has recently made substantial improvements to its Local Review Body and planning committee procedures, and these are very much welcomed.

“Cockburnspath Conservation Group also welcomes the council’s approval of the Supplementary Planning Guidance for single and small groups of turbines in Berwickshire, which gives no scope for turbines in this location over a height of 20 to 35 metres.

“Ironically, should this appeal have been successful, and the application re-submitted, it would be very unlikely to succeed.

“It would now seem that this beauty spot, also a conservation village, and the end of the Southern Upland Way, is to be blighted for the next 25 years by these turbines.

“Mrs Carroll and many others in the local community, and beyond, are outraged at the imposition of large scale wind turbines ever nearer their homes, and at their powerlessness to stop them.