Clients take control of their own care

People who need social care and support are being encouraged to be more involved in who provides it for them.

From this week the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013, comes into force and Scottish Borders Council and other local authorities are preparing to help people take control of their own care and support.

Clients can choose how involved they want to be in their assessment and how much control they would like to have in planning the support they receive and in managing their budget. Every eligible person will be allocated a budget to spend in a way which supports their needs.

Four options are on offer under the Self Directed Support model and people can choose the level of involvement they want: a direct payment paid directly to the person’s bank account; a provider managing the money on the person’s behalf (Individual Service Fund); a social worker arranging the services required; a combination of any of the first three options.

Frances Renton, executive member for social work, said: “I am very happy to see Self-directed Support fully implemented across the Scottish Borders. We have been trialling SDS for several years now and already have more than 100 people signed up.

“SDS is about being valued and listened to. It is about choice and control: what each of us would want, and indeed are entitled to.”

Stella Everingham, acting director of social work, said: “SDS is a radical change to the social care system and it will affect all of the work we do.

“We are taking forward lessons learned from the SDS pilot to put in place structures and procedures which will empower our clients to have a say in the decisions which affect every day of their lives.”