Churches come together for first ever event at County Show

Berwickshire Churches at Duns Show
Berwickshire Churches at Duns Show
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In a first event of its kind at Duns Show churches in Berwickshire came together to provide a hospitable and creative space that spoke volumes about its involvement in the life of the County.

Pictured above is one of the sessions with ‘Mystery’ Mike Angove – the magician from Eyemouth who captured the attention of the children with his “Magic-with-a-Message”.

Christian Youth Trust leader Mark Bruce also entertained with balloon modelling, stories and music.

As well as the many different churches in Berwickshire, the Coldstream Boys Brigade, the Guild, Faith Mission Books, the Gideons, and Healing Rooms, were all represented.

A large wall map pictured the integration of the Church with the farming scene in Berwickshire and a world map showed the extent of the Church’s mission overseas.

As far as anyone could recall, this was the first time such an event has been staged at the Show.

A huge thank-you is due to all who joined together to make this event at the Berwickshire County Show so successful.