Christmas trees won’t be collected after festive season

Real Christmas trees will not be collected by SBC any more
Real Christmas trees will not be collected by SBC any more

Wondering if Scottish Borders Council will be providing a Christmas tree collection as it has done in previous years this year? The answer is no.

The Christmas tree collection service was carried out as part of the council’s green waste kerbside collection early in January, but with the demise of this service in March this year, the Christmas tree collection has gone the same way.

Instead of putting it out for the bin lorry you will either have to take it to a recycling centre or pay for a private collector to take it away.

Chopping it up and putting it in your general wast bin should be a last resort, according to Scottish Borders Council.

Julie Rankine from SBC’s waste services confirmed this week: “Following the demise of the green waste collection service I can confirm that Christmas trees will no longer be collected separately for recycling by SBC.

“Householders in urban areas can take trees to any community recycling centre for composting. Alternatively, they may be able to engage the services of any private garden waste collection service provider operating in their area or, as a last resort, trees can be chopped up and placed inside general waste bins (although these will go to landfill).

“It should be remembered that all bin lids should be shut and that no excess general waste is accepted.

“Advertisements regarding festive collection changes, etc will appear in local press this week, on Radio Borders towards the end of the week and on SBC’s website.

Ms Rankine also advised that information will be sent out to community councils about waste collection changed.

Enquiries can also be made to the council’s Contact Centres or enquiry line, 0300 100 1800.