Chopsticks and Tai Chi lessons!

China day at Coldstream Primary
China day at Coldstream Primary

Primary pupils from two Berwickshire schools celebrated completing their latest topic by holding a China Day.

Having studied China over recent weeks, children from Coldstream and Eccles and Leitholm Primary Schools enjoyed their special day, which included a Tai Chi demonstration by John Wilson, and a Chinese banquet courtesey of the kitchen staff. They even learnt how to eat with chopsticks!

With the partner schools looking to collaborate more, the end-of-topic celebration provided the perfect opportunity for pupils to get together.

Coldstream P7 teacher Ross Maunder said: “Overall it was a very good day, the children really enjoyed it.

“They were shown how to use chopsticks in the morning and some of the children used them at lunch time for their rice and noodles which was interesting!”

Mr Maunder added: “We don’t study China every year, but we do tend to cover a topic that is looking beyond Europe, so there’s scope for similar days in the future.”