Chill out with a scoop this Christmas

Somers Giacopazzi
Somers Giacopazzi
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Mulled wine and bucks fizz are the favourites of many at this time of year and now thanks to Giacopazzi’s you won’t even need a glass to get your festive fix.

The Eyemouth ice cream house are famous for coming up with a line of Christmas treats and they’ve been back at the drawing board again for 2013 to produce a selection of new flavours to tickle the taste buds.

Nestled in the chiller cabinets alongside the popular Christmas pudding flavour ice cream are bucks fizz sorbet, mulled wine sorbet, Irish cream cheesecake, Black Forest gateau, New York redcurrant cheesecake, chocolate orange and gingerbread cake.

Pictured is Somers Giacopazzi at the launch of the new flavours last week.