Charles Dance and Michael Brandon star in film at St Abbs

IT was lights, camera, action at St Abbs last week, as the harbour village became the backdrop for 'This September', a television sequel to Rosamunde Pilcher's novel 'September'.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 23rd June 2010, 12:26 pm
Updated Wednesday, 23rd June 2010, 12:26 pm

Starring Charles Dance and Michael Brandon, This September is being filmed for German Television channel ZDF by production company Gate Television, who are now shooting at Manderson.

Associate Producer Will Evans explained: "We're making the sequel to Rosamunde Pilcher's 'September', which was made into a film about 15 years ago now."

First published in 1990, Pilcher's September is set against the backdrop of rural Scotland, and is the story of two interconnected families based in the same village, with various members living elsewhere.

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The saga starts at the beginning of the year and continues month by month until the climax, a 21st birthday party, is reached in September.

Written especially for television with help from Rosamunde Pilcher, 'This September' is set to be a TV two-part Sunday night drama. It is primarily financed by ZBF in Germany, which is like the German equivalent of the BBC.

Will said that St Abbs had been an ideal location for shooting: "It's a timeless village which helps with these old fashioned family sagas, they're like a modern day Jane Austin and it helps to be at these places," he said, adding: "We're thrilled to be in the area, everyone has been really helpful.

"We're using local extras for crowd scenes and such like to make it authentic."

Speaking on set last Thursday, one local lady explained: "The production team came into the cafe and said they were looking for extras. I'd never done anything like this before so I thought why not?

"We've been here since seven this morning and are expecting to be here until seven tonight, but the sun's out so I don't mind waiting around.

"All I've had to do so far is to sit on a wall and look out to sea!"

Former Eyemouth Harbour Master Jonny Johnston has also been involved with the shoot by setting up boats to be filmed.

The filming of 'This September' is now four weeks in to an eight-week shoot. Having already filmed at Glasgow, the team moved from St Abbs to Manderson and are due to shoot the final scenes in Oxford.

"We're filming in Manderson now so we're in the area for a little while," Will added. "It's all going very well."

The works of Rosamunde Pilcher are particularly popular in Germany and many have been made into TV films by ZDF television. Gate Television are hoping that 'This September' will also be picked up in this country and America.