Charity offers tax help for the retired

The UK Older People’s Day is being marked on October 1, and the charity Tax Help for Older People is urging the over 60s in the region to check their income tax contributions in case they are paying too much.

Chief executive Graham Sherburn said: “Tax can become more, not less complicated after retirement or semi-retirement. Over the last few months many people will have been notified by HMRC of new tax codes or overpayments or underpayments of income tax. These can be very confusing, especially as many of us rely on our employer to deal with our tax payments while we are employed.

“Before long we will be at the end of October when the deadline for paper filed tax self- assessments falls.”

If you are an older person on a lower income, or someone acting on their behalf, then can contact the Tax Help for Older People on its lo-call helpline 0845 601 3321 or 01308 488066.