Change to single police force - business as usual

Chief Superintendent Graham Sinclair
Chief Superintendent Graham Sinclair
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POLICE in the Borders (G Division of Lothian and Borders Police) have the highest detection rate and lowest level of crime in the force.

In an end of year report to the Police Board Chief Superintendent Graham Sinclair said he believes that the change to a single police force in Scotland will “not greatly impact on how we deliver local services”.

He said: “I sincerely believe that the move to a single Police Service for Scotland (PSS) in just under one year’s time will not greatly impact on how we deliver local services. We will still work the same shifts on the same teams, with the same colleagues and sergeants, at the same stations. We will wear the same uniform and attend the same calls in the same vehicles and, in doing so, will lock up the same criminals and help the same members of the public. My main message on this subject is ‘steady as we go’.

“We have held crime rates at their low levels and have fewer victims of crime in the areas of anti social behaviour in the Borders,” said Mr Sinclair.

“Our crime detection rates are the highest in the force and our recorded levels of crime are the lowest in the force. This is particularly true for violent crimes.

“However, our challenge will be to prevent thefts and other crimes of dishonesty from increasing over the coming year. Metal thefts, benefit reform, continuing economic hardship and unemployment will all combine to force up levels of acquisitive crime. Our job is to seek to prevent this happening

“The Divisional Command Team is considering having a local priority of dealing with this type of crime effectively to prevent and disrupt the current upward trend.

“The work and policing style of the division has been recognised in several ways: our Safer Communities Team have won national awards at the Scottish Community Safety Network Awards; we (and our partners at Mountain Rescue and SBC) will be well-represented at the Force Excellence Awards; and we have been successful in a bid to pilot a radically different way of dealing with domestic abuse.

“This is another example of how the Borders punches above its weight and I would want to congratulate Andrea Beavon (SBC) for her commitment and passion in getting this pilot established.

Chief Superintendent Sinclair highlighted the work being done in the area to put new local police ‘board/committee’ structures in place for June 2012 ready for the new single police force

“The Divisional Command Team and I are determined to retain as much as possible of our unique style of policing and to keep our operational policing priorities as simple as possible.

“There has also been much publicity recently about the use of TTROs (Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders) for local events and festivals. I can report that we are making progress on the areas agreed by council last June and that we will continue to have a sensible and sensitive ‘light touch’ approach where the primary consideration is for events to be both safe and legal.”