Chain Bridge road reopens following landslip repairs

Landslide at Horncliffe outside Chain Bridge Honey Farm
Landslide at Horncliffe outside Chain Bridge Honey Farm

An important cross-border road has reopened following a 12 month closure while landslip repairs were carried out.

The landslip happened last July on the C3 road, around 100m south of the Chain Bridge Honey Farm, near Horncliffe.

A 25m section of embankment by the River Tweed subsided and part of the road slid down following heavy rain. The landslip damaged a water main in the area.

The road was closed to traffic with eight households north of the landslip having to take a detour into Scotland to reach Berwick or travel south.

To get to Horncliffe, 1.5 miles away, they were instead having to go via the Union Chain Bridge into Scotland, via Paxton and the A1, a journey of 11 miles.

A weight and width restriction on the bridge also meant that oil and gas delivery and refuse collections vehicles could not reach the residents.

Honey farm boss Willie Robson offered some of his land to Northumberland County Council for the construction of a temporary road.

Civil engineering firm Owen Pugh was appointed to carry out repairs to the landslip. The 35-day project involved the excavation of 3,000 cubic metres of material from the bank side. A total of 5,000 tons of stone was imported to reconstruct the embankment.