Castle Blinds is promoting blind cord safety locks

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A BERWICK businessman is urging parents not to underestimate the dangers of loose blind cords.

Michael Mullan of Castle Blinds on North Road, Berwick, is giving away cord/chain locks completely free in a bid to reduce the risks loose cords can pose.

He said: “I was watching ‘Daybreak’ recently and saw a mother in a complete state of despair after losing her young child by another accidental death from a blind cord.

“This could have and should have been avoided by fitting a simple blind cord/chain lock.

“I myself as a father of three including my twins know what it’s like trying to keep an eye on young children - in a blink of an eye accidents can happen, which is why I want to offer people, whether they have children or not, this solution.”

Castle Blinds is offering every household in the Borders, North Northumberland and the East Lothian areas the opportunity to call in to its Berwick office and collect cord and chain locks free of charge.

Michael said: “I want to get the message out that we at Castle Blinds are offering anyone, whether you are one of our customers or not, up to eight sets of locks absolutely free of charge.”

He added: “I just want to make a difference to avoid this happening again. Even the hope of saving one life would be fantastic.”

Michael is also thinking of other ways to warn parents and get the safety message across. He’s exploring the possibility of approaching local crèches and early years schools, to see about leaving some there for parents to take.

There have been 22 deaths caused by blind cords since 1999, with 11 of those happening since the beginning of 2010.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents is campaigning to raise awareness of the dangers of roller blinds and is calling for laws to reduce the risks of looped cords by placing safety devices in them.