Career opportunities in the rural sector

High School pupils from Berwickshire at the Food and Farming event at Springwood Park, Kelso.
High School pupils from Berwickshire at the Food and Farming event at Springwood Park, Kelso.

A two day Food and Farming event at Springwood Park, Kelso gave second and third year pupils from eight Borders high schools an idea of career opportunities in agriculture.

The free event, delivered by Royal Highland Educational Trust (RHET), supported by DYW Borders (Developing Young Workforce) and funded by the Scottish Government, highlighted the importance and diversity of the rural sector to the Scottish Borders.

Each day the S2 and S3 pupils travelled around a series of interactive workshops, delivered by experts from the rural sector. They learned about bread making, practiced diagnosing pregnancy in cattle, fish filleting and cooking and navigating a course with a GPS self-steering tractor.

Berwickshire High School pupil, Connor Devin, 13, said: “The one thing that stood out was the workshop on flood management and how making the river wider slows the flow down as straight rivers cause problems.

“I was always interested in agriculture but I am more determined now to work in that area.”

The rural sector makes up 21% of the 5800 Borders’ businesses and pupils had the opportunity to see the variety of careers available within the sector.

Mr Fleming, principal teacher at Berwickshire High School, said: “Food and Farming was a really good event; well planned and delivered.”

Lesley Mason, RHET Borders co-ordinator, added: “I am very grateful to all the partner organisations that helped to deliver these sessions to the pupils.

“I think it is so important that not only do our pupils learn how their food is produced, but they get an insight into the huge range of careers within the rural sector.

Andrea Hall, programme manager, DYW Borders said: “DYW Borders are committed to giving young Borderers the opportunity to contextualise what they do in the classroom with the world of work. Through this event, RHET and the contributors have successfully achieved this and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”