Canvassers update Register of Electors

Canvassers have started calling at homes across the Border collecting information for Scottish Borders Council’s Register of Electors.

Between now and the end of March householders will be asked to check a pre-printed form, make any necessary corrections and then sign it.

All canvassers will be wearing photographic identification and their identity can be confirmed by calling the council’s electoral registration officer on 01835 825100.

This canvass is taking place following changes to the electoral registration system in the UK.

The new system, which came into force in Scotland on September 19, 2014, is called Individual Electoral Registration and means that every individual is responsible for their own voter registration.

Mark Dickson, electoral registration officer, said: “It is unusual for the council to send anyone door-to-door, and as such we continue to urge local residents to be vigilant and protect themselves from bogus callers. The canvassers do not need to enter people’s homes and will be quite happy to wait outside while their identity is verified if a householder has any concerns.”

Further information on changes to electoral registration is available on Scottish Borders Council’s website.