Cannabis cultivations discovered in Borders

Police swooped on four separate cannabis cultivations in the Borders at the weekend, recovering £16,000 worth of the Class B drug.

They also seized equipment used for growing the drug at the cultivations, which were found in the Jedburgh, Selkirk, Walkerburn and Galashiels areas.

A 47-year-old man was due to appear in court on Monday in relation to the recoveries.

Police are now appealing to Borders communities to be vigilant. A spokesperson said: “We are obviously delighted that we have removed this quantity of drugs from the streets but we know that this is still the tip of the iceberg.”

With cannabis cultivations now a “major problem” in the area, police warn that the misery and dangers they pose cannot be underestimated.

The spokesperson urged: “Prevention is better than detection.

“However, it is crucial that people in our communities help us to identify and shut down cannabis cultivations.”

Factors that can help to identify possible cannabis cultivation include permanently covered windows; an unusual, strong or sweet smell from the premises, or an excessive air freshener; noise from fans or heaters; tenants may not live on the premises but visit regularly, possibly at odd times; Powerful lights on all day or night; compost/fertilizer bags in the bins; visitors may leave one person in the vehicle while the others go indoors.

Cannabis cultivations cause significant damage, not only to premises they are in but to neighbouring premises.

The spokesperson added: “Rest assured, we will continue to work with all our communities and partners, in an effort to ‘Weed them out’ and tackle this organised criminal activity.

“We continue to emphasise that everyone can safely and anonymously provide intelligence and information on any crime or criminals, without fear of retribution through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”