Can you spot Dunbar’s ‘new’ kittiwakes?

Northlight Dunbar is an inspirational new annual event, which is celebrating the unique nature and heritage of our environment and the people it has inspired.

It is a creative initiative and the public space of the town harbour and the John Muir Way becomes a gallery and stage from June 2 through to August 31.

Dunbar Castle is a favourite nesting site for the kittiwake, a gentle looking, medium-sized gull, with a small yellow bill and dark eyes. However, a few have taken up ‘new nesting sites’ in 25 local shops, cafes, a hotel and even a museum and keen-eyed children are being asked to identify these new ‘kittiwake homes’ and potentially win a prize.

Dunbar Trades’ Association and their special kittiwakes are delighted to be part of the very exciting Northlight Dunbar event and have organised a competition entitled ‘spot the kittiwake’ open to all children aged 16 and under where entrants are asked to ‘spot the numbered kittiwake’, record this on their entry form and the first three correct entries drawn will receive a prize.

Entry forms can be obtained from Saddlers, 9 West Port, Dunbar. The competition will run from June 2 through to August 31 and a monthly draw will be held to select the winners.

So don’t delay - June, July and August is the best time to ‘spot the Dunbar kittiwakes’ and a great opportunity for all to visit the historic, seaside town of Dunbar.