Campaign encourages women to drink less

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AT this time of year a lot women are thinking about dropping a dress size but a NHS campaign which has proven successful in previous years is once again focussing on them ‘dropping a glass size’.

Statistics suggest that around 43 per cent of women in the Borders drink outside the Government’s sensible drinking guidelines in a typical week.

Some of the effects of overdoing it are obvious, like a bad night’s sleep, or that tell tale headache the following morning, but over time the invisible effects of alcohol can also catch up with us too, damaging parts of the body you can’t see, increasing your risk of high blood pressure, liver disease or even breast cancer.

Fiona Doig of the Borders Alcohol and Drugs Partnership, one of the organisations behind the Drop A Glass Size initiative, commented: “What many people don’t realise is that every time you have a drink, it adds up to more than you think. Without knowing it many of us are exceeding the sensible drinking guidelines on a frequent basis.

Men shouldn’t regularly drink more than 3-4 units a day and women 2-3 units – that’s the same as just one large glass of wine.

“The size of the glass you pour and the strength of the alcohol you are drinking makes a big difference to the number of units you’re consuming. When drinking at home, with the absence of pub measures, some of us could be drinking double the amount of alcohol we think we are due to the amount of wine we’re pouring ourselves. You might think you’re pouring a small glass of wine (125ml) but in reality it could be double that.”

If you are worried about your drinking there are services in Borders to support people: NHS Borders Addiction Services can be contacted on 01896 664430 and Addaction on 01896 757843.