Camera lost at sea finally turns up

The St Abbs coastline where the camera was lost
The St Abbs coastline where the camera was lost

A camera lost by a scuba diver off St Abbs three years ago has washed up in Sweden and been returned to its owner.

The Daily Telegraph reported this week that Adele Devonshire was diving off St Abbs when the clip holding the camera snapped. She searched for it but gave it up as lost, but by the power of Facebook the Fuji camera is now back with Adele, and, what’s more, it still works.

It was found by Lars Mossber, on rocks on the shore of a small Swedish island about 600 miles away from St Abbs.

He spotted the camera among sea grass and shells on the rock coastline a couple of weeks ago.

Initially, he just left the camera because he did not expect it to work, but when it had dried out it turned on first time and when he saw the photos, he decided to post some of them on Facebook to try and track down the owner, never thinking that he would do so within hours.

He posted some of the photos to a ‘Lost at Sea’ Facebook group, and they were seen by a friend of Adele.

Mr Mossberg told the Daily Telegraph: “The more I think about it and the journey it has been on, the more exciting it is. It’s really very, very good.”

“There were 400 to 500 photos. I could see the last photo was from around July 2013, and a diving trip, so was amazed it had reached me.”

After listening to the voice on movies on the camera, he thought it must belong to someone from Britain, so he posted a few of the photos at around 5.30pm last Friday, and they were identified by a friend of Mrs Devonshire later that evening.

Mrs Devonshire said: “To think that it had presumably been bobbing around in the sea for all that time – and still works – is remarkable. It just goes to show the power of the internet and the kindness of people.”