Call to arms for Earth Hour

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Scottish Borders Council is calling on residents to join in WWF‘s Earth Hour, the global movement to protect our planet.

The annual switch-off event is at 8.30pm on Saturday, March 30, as people, concerned about the impact of climate change at home and abroad, make their voices heard.

The council is building a broader approach through its five year Fit for 2024 programme with sustainable development one of its key themes, and energy efficiency champion, Councillor Gordon Edgar, said: “We all need to play our part to make a difference on climate change, with involvement in Earth Hour a positive and symbolic step to take.

“Projects we have taken forward in recent years include the roll out of solar panels to a number of council properties including 11 schools, as well as street lighting, electric vehicles, energy use in the community and opening of new reuse cabins.”

Sam Gardner, acting director of WWF Scotland, said: “We are very pleased that Scottish Borders Council is again supporting WWF’s Earth Hour. It’s an opportunity for us all to demonstrate in a simple way that we care about our planet and the impact climate change is having on people and nature across the world.

“We must act to reverse the damage and restore the environment.”

“We have the solutions, we just need our voices to be heard. That’s why Earth Hour is so vital – it gives a powerful voice to people everywhere who want to put the world on the path to recovery.”