Call for interest in £1.25 million fund

SBBN Kinegar Quarry wind turbines artist's impression
SBBN Kinegar Quarry wind turbines artist's impression

The new owners of wind turbines set to be installed near Cockburnspath have said they are looking for ways to deliver over £1.25 million in community benefits.

Airvolution Energy, the most recent owners of two wind turbines to be installed at Kinegar Quarry near Cockburnspath are ready to deliver over £1.25 million of benefits to the community, and are calling for registrations of interest from local residents and community groups.

Having recently cleared a legal challenge, the new owners are quick to reassure people that they will honour the commitment for a generous Community Trust Fund, and put locals in control of how it will be spent.

Richard Mardon, CEO of Airvolution said: “With the Government clamp down on wind farms, these two turbines could represent this area’s last chance to secure long term funding that wind projects bring. This fund was promised at £50,000 per year, and whilst this is twice the Government recommended figure, we will honour the commitment made.”

Mr Mardon added:“We will waste no time in delivering the benefits that have long been discussed with the community. The first annual payment can be made as soon as next year.”

Airvolution is keen to hear from locals and community groups about their ideas for the fund, and are advised to contact Gary Freedman at Airvolution. Communities in other areas have used wind farm funds to provide educational activities, improve sports facilities and community buildings.

Gary Freedman of Airvolution, said:“With a fund this large, it has the potential to kick start brand new facilities for the area that will leave a legacy long after the turbines 25 year lifetime.”

Under current plans. the Kinegar Quarry site, which has been fought for over three years by those concerned about its impact would host two turbines, standing 110 metres tall.

These would provide an estimated 17,000 MWh per year.

The scheme was first proposed in 2010.

Pauline Hood, chair of Cockburnspath Community Council, said this week: “The Community Council would be very interested to hear any offer of any amount, or hear about any possible 
contributions to the community.

“We have not received any contact yet, but would be very pleased to hear from the developers.”

Construction on the Kinegar Quarry site is estimated to begin early 2016 and would take around nine months.

For more information, or to suggest a community project to be funded, contact Gary Freedman at or phone 0800 014 7080.