Call for filter lane at A1’s Duns junction is turned down

The A6105 Castle Terrace junction off the A1 Berwick bypass.
The A6105 Castle Terrace junction off the A1 Berwick bypass.

Safety concerns have been raised with Highways England about the Duns junction on the A1 Berwick bypass.

Trevor Boult, of Castle Hills Farm Cottages, has labelled the Castle Terrace-Duns Road junction “an accident waiting to happen”.

He is calling for a filter lane to be created on the southbound lane for traffic turning left into Castle Terrace.

“The junction is an accident waiting to happen or, more accurately, a foreseeable location for a serious accident,” said Mr Boult.

“I have been personally involved in three near-miss incidents with vehicles immediately behind me whilst I was making the turn.”

Highways England asset manager Al-Amin Al-Hassan has replied to Mr Boult, saying that no injury collisions had been recorded in the last five years, adding: “An improvement for this junction therefore attracts a low priority compared with other locations.

“I can confirm there are currently no proposals to progress an improvement scheme at this junction.’

Mr Boult has asked Berwick MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan whether the policy of monitoring the junction for accidents is the best way to go about it.

“Highways England appears to say that a collision must occur before any changes might even be considered,” said Mr Boult.

The junction has had a number of safety improvements since the bypass opened in the early 1980s due to the number of accidents that occurred there.