Winter fuel allowance

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RSABI, Scotland’s only charity dedicated to helping people who have depended on the land, is urging those who do not require their Winter Fuel Allowance to donate it to someone with greater need.

Government assistance, in the form of Winter Fuel Allowances, is paid to everyone over the age of 60, regardless of their financial need or circumstances.

At this time of year, with Christmas approaching, temperatures low and people often left isolated, keeping warm can be one of the most significant challenges facing those on low fixed incomes. Old housing stock in exposed rural locations, limited fuel choices and significant delivery costs all combine to make staying warm a major expense, even before considering the needs of the elderly and infirm.

By donating their allowance, those who have no need for it themselves can help improve the living conditions of those unable to afford their fuel bills and heat their homes.

Maurice Hankey, chief executive of RSABI, says: “The Winter Fuel Allowance system has been unable to address rising fuel costs, perpetuating the hardship of those who fear the next bill arriving and choose to leave their heating switched off.

“If you receive the allowance, but do not really need it to keep yourself warm, please consider donating it to RSABI so that we can pass it on to someone for whom it really would make a difference. of assistance.”