Tweeddale Press Group set to relocate in Berwick

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TWEEDDALE Press Group is proposing to relocate from Marygate to a more modern office elsewhere in Berwick. But Berwick Advertiser and Berwickshire News editor Phil Johnson says it is business as usual for the two titles.

The proposal, which was announced by Johnston Press to staff on Thursday April 26, is now under discussion.

Editor Phil Johnson confirmed that the Berwick Advertiser and Berwickshire News titles will retain their presence in Berwick at a more appropriately-sized office manned by reporters, photographers and advertising staff.

He explained: “Our commitment to the Berwickshire and north Northumberland remains our highest priority, and we will continue to be based in Berwick.

“We will have a more suitable, modern office with better communication links, and there will be no detrimental effect for readers, advertisers or customers wanting to place announcements in our papers.

“There are also exciting plans to invest in an updating of the newspaper and website later this year, to reflect the ever-changing multi-media landscape we are in.”

The announcement by Johnston Press was made following a detailed review of office accommodation.