Take advantage of grant scheme

Last Wednesday (November 16) saw the launch of the latest round of DEFRA- RDPE grant funding.

Urging farmers to apply for a grant, Andrew Jamieson of George F White said: “There are some very good opportunities for north Northumberland farmers and foresters to take advantage of the available £20m worth of funding.

“They should act now as this funding is only available for a short period, and it is being competitively judged.”

Available until 2013, this national grant scheme will target nutrient management, energy efficiency, water resource management, animal health and welfare and forestry.

The grants will be available to all farmers, foresters, contractors and horticulturalists across England. The aim of the grant scheme is to encourage businesses to be more profitable whilst minimising their impact on the environment.

Applications will be judged on merit. The first application round will run until January 17, 2012.

Funding will be capped at £25k and will be at a minimum level of £2.5k per holding. The grant rate will be capped at 40% for non upland areas and 50% for upland areas.

Andrew Jamieson added: “Through this scheme, there are real benefits especially for livestock farmers and foresters in the region.

“Farmers looking to improve their usage of farm yard manures and slurries in the face of increasing bagged fertiliser prices should seek to take benefit from the funding available for slurry handling systems.

“To improve the accuracy of their applications of manure and fertiliser farmers can utilise this scheme to purchase precision GPS equipment.

“To deal with persistent and annoying feet problems in sheep and cattle in a more efficient manner livestock farmers can take advantage of these grants to purchase sheep or cattle turning crates.”