Supermarket feels heat for being too cold

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Morrisons supermarket in Berwick insists it is doing everything it can to heat the store up following complaints that it is too cold.

Anthony Bennett from Coldstream, who shops in Morrison’s every week, was not impressed with the response when he complained to management about the bitter temperature today.

He said some staff were being given extra clothing and had asked for gloves. Others were complaining that it had been too cold for weeks.

Mr Bennett said: “Staff and customers are being treated with contempt. It is unacceptable for a company the size of Morrisons. There is no excuse.

“I was dressed for being outside, and it was colder inside the store. The manager told me he had been let down by a contractor and that he had asked for blow heaters. But they had not arrived.

“Staff assured me it has been too cold for weeks. As we get into winter and the temperature drops outside the problem will get worse. There are health and safety issues to consider if the staff are too cold.”

A spokesperson for Morrisons insisted that although the temperature had fallen it remained above minimum health and safety guidelines.

The spokesperson explained that the problem was caused by warehouse doors being open left open as part of ongoing refurbishment work.

The work to increase the size of the supermarket by almost one-third involves creating extra parking spaces, a larger warehouse, new staff facilities, an extended customer cafe and a new filling station.

A statement issued by store general manager Richard Hutton read: “The store is currently undergoing a major refit to deliver a better shopping environment for our customers.

“A combination of the cold weather and this work led to the temperature in the store being lower than normal.

“We have taken measures to ensure that our staff and customers are as warm as possible. We will continue to monitor the temperature and apologise for any inconvenience.”