Spelman to visit Borders farm

THE new year will be vital for all those involved in shaping the next CAP and will see NFU Scotland continue its work at home and abroad as it works on the policy’s broad political dimension, its detail and engages with its members on all these aspects.

In the next 12 months, the next CAP’s final budget will be agreed and the revised proposals are expected from the EU Commission following consultation with the EU Parliament and EU Council.

NFU Scotland’s president, Nigel Miller said: “NFU Scotland will conduct its work on the next CAP around three major themes: firstly we shall continue to be deeply involved at an EU-level on the overall direction of the policy; second, we shall be delving into the current and emerging proposals to ensure that we interpret correctly the finer details of issues such as the definition of an active farmer, permanent pasture and three-crop rotation; third we shall engage with our members in all sectors and across the whole of Scotland to listen to their thoughts on the Basic Payment Scheme and how to divide Scotland for administrative purposes.

“It is crucial that we support our active farmers.

“There will be great challenges along the way, but it is vital that our politicians and ourselves are in there fighting for what’s important to Scottish agriculture.

“The only way to tackle this is to consider all the issues, in full, to engage with our members and to keep in constant contact with our colleagues in Holyrood, Brussels and London.

“It is on this final aspect that I shall be pleased to welcome Defra’s Secretary of State, Caroline Spelman to my farm at Stow on Thursday, January 12, at which we shall have the perfect opportunity to discuss many of the issues which are particular to Scotland.”