Sheepdog trials results

The first Northumberland League sheep dog trial of the season was held on Saturday at Shirlawhope, Longframlington, when John Robinson from Coldingham judged 39 dogs working Blackface and Cheviot hoggs over a good sized course.

Results were; 1. Jim Cropper (Lancashire) with Max 91 points, 2. Colin Balmbro (Wooler) with Cap 91, 3. Keith Preston (Kirkwelpington) with Queen 88, 4. David Baxter (Harbottle) with Don 88, 5. Brian Bell (Barnard Castle) with Moss 87, 6. Mark Elliot (Lazonby) with Gael 85. Colin Balmbro had the best pen and shed. Marilyn Iley (Longframlington) with Cap was the best novice.

On Sunday the League held an open trial at Hawick farm, Kirkwelpington. Gordon Thompson from Bellingham judged 56 dogs working Blackface hoggs over a large course in very windy conditions.

Results were: 1. Derek Scrimgeour (Keswick) with Laddie 93 points, 2.Bevis Jordan (Whitfield) with Sugar 91, 3. Paul Turnbull (Rothbury) with Dot 89, 4. Brian Bell (Barnard Castle) with Moss 87, 5. Jim Cropper (Lancashire) with Max 87, 6. David Baxter (Harbottle) with Don 84. Jane Wynn(Capheaton) with Craig was the best novice