Scrap the six day movement rule

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Northumbrian farmer’s daughter Julie Pörksen, who trained and worked as an agricultural economist, has set up a petition calling for the Government to scrap the six day livestock movement rule.

The rule requires a six day gap between livestock movements on and off the farm and was introduced following the last foot and mouth outbreak as it aims to reduce the size of any future outbreak of these disease.

Julie has been in touch with ministers regarding the rule and has now set up a petition to try and change the rules.

She commented: “The six day movement rule is an example of unnecessary bureaucracy that is imposed by DEFRA on farmers. Being able to freely buy and sell when the time and price is right is essential in any market. Not allowing livestock farmers to run their businesses as profitably as possible by preventing them maximising their returns from the marketplace is unacceptable. Foot and mouth outbreaks are very rare and since the last outbreak sheep now have electronic identification - which should make animals traceable. This along with the rigorous record keeping system for livestock movements makes the six day rule unnecessary.”

The petition can be signed online at