Roxburghe Hotel and golf course bought for £785,000

Roxburghe Hotel.
Roxburghe Hotel.

A company with links to Roxburghe Estates – the Sunlaws Development Company Ltd - has acquired the Roxburghe Hotel along with its championship-standard golf course.

The course was created in 1997, alongside what was then called the Sunlaws Hotel, thanks to a £2m investment by the Duke of Roxurghe.

Since its name change, the hotel has been extended to boast 22 rooms and has an annual rateable value of £95,000.

In its accounts for the year to March 31, 2014 the Sunlaws Development Company Ltd, which has Roxburghe Estates factor Roddy Jackson among its directors, reveals that it “acquired the trade, assets and goodwill of Roxburghe Hotel & Golf Course on January 1, 2014 for £785,000”.

At the end of the financial year, the company had net assets and shareholder funds totalling £2.53million – up from £1.1million the previous year.