Philip firmly in driving seat

Chauffeur Kevin OBrian is getting behind the wheel of a new business venture
Chauffeur Kevin OBrian is getting behind the wheel of a new business venture

After returning to the Borders earlier this year, Philip O’Brien has got behind the wheel for a new venture designed to make travel a lot more relaxing.

Philip worked for E.S Black (now Greenvale AP) from 1989-95 before moving south but after keeping a house on in Eyemouth, he and his wife moved back permanently at the turn of the year and Phil promptly got the wheels turning on his chauffeur business.

A registered member of the British Chauffeurs Guild, unlike other chauffeurs, Philip offers to drive people around in their own cars whether that be to a business meeting, hospital appointment or train station drop off or pick up.

And although the service conjures up images of sunglasses wearing celebs being driven around London’s designer fashion district, Philip says the demand is definitely there in the Borders.

“There are all sorts of reasons why people would prefer not to drive,” he explained

“For instance someone might have a business meeting in Edinburgh or Glasgow and not have to rely on the train.

“I’ve noticed a lot of cars parked up in Berwick station for days on end. As well as the cost element there is also a risk element and I’ve taken a number of people from more rural areas to and from the station. That way they don’t have to worry about their car as I drive it back to their house straight away.”

Philip also said he’s chauffeured people who’ve been ordered not to drive by their GPs on health grounds and said whoever the client, his level of service and the pride he takes in his job will be the same.

“I have to be seen to dress smartly; be polite and make the person’s journey as relaxing as possible.

“My job is not to get people to their journey at break neck speed it’s to get them there comfortably and safely.

“I’m not a taxi service; I offer a personal service as much as anything.”

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